About Us

Uplift your lifestyle from wardrobe basics and gear up to sashay down the ramp. We do exactly what you expect from a brand - exclusivity and high-end products at realistic prices to upscale your style from any occasion to every day! 

For those who mark the limit of their fashion for money and those who hold themselves back in experimenting with something fresh, SesseBen smashes the shackles that pull you back. We are a thoroughly emancipated fashion brand, enlightened by the disparate beauty of the people, helping you put on the elegance and phenomenal uniqueness of your soul and personality. 

Dispensing cutting edge style, confidence, freshness, and uniqueness, SesseBen is a luxury fashion store, highly specialized in intricately handcrafted and exclusively handpicked shoe collections. We are unlocking a dynasty where you can easily snap up your desires in fashionable clothing and general wear mounted in elite designs - affecting many different styles, colors, and prints.

Initiating a revolutionizing approach, empowered by visions, and inspired by the beauty of individuals, SesseBen is endeavoring to seek its goal - you are beautiful and your look does matter!

Emerging from a vision to clothe the world with the minimum cost possible, we take pride in extolling the most pragmatic and realistic virtues of our brand - the ones that set us apart!

Originated from Moline in 2020, leading to expansion, we are now shipping a package of happiness to multiple locations worldwide, dispatching gaieties, tenderness, and fashion around the globe. 

Your shoes will exemplify confidence in each step, your clothes will represent your personality, and your absolute look will be a token of uniqueness that you always desired to create. We offer premium handcrafted leather shoes available in vibrant colors and vivid styles and intricately designed clothes with befitting measurements and exquisite prints. 

OUR MISSION - wear your heart on your sleeve

You’re unique and you must celebrate the unique style, however, the season. Our mission is to bring the best out of everyday people by supplying premium products. You like our products or we take it back; no questions asked. Your satisfaction is the key to our pleasure!